Would you stay human if you had the power of a god?

Nékromegà is a 3D, voxel-based, point & click adventure game with light RPG elements, for Windows (and probably Linux and Android as well).

We play as Bàmoq Cxohàmon, a young citizen of Suùn, who becomes a priest of Sleep as a result of a political bargain. Torn between his powerful family and his country’s insidious conquerors, used as a tool by both sides, uprooted and bitter, he slowly turns into a fierce defender of his fading culture, and learns the secret language of the dead. After years of seemingly obedience, from his early childhood to his mid-twenties, he finally reveals himself as a vengeful, unstoppable force of nature, which will bring a whole empire to its knees, and perhaps destroy the rest of the world.