Weekly development log #170702



  • Designed more sand tiles, because the beach needed more sand tiles, and still does.
  • Noticed the massive quantity of sand tiles involved in the new map will probably limit its size and content.
  • Came to the conclusion that such limitations would in fact be a good thing given the already insanely big scope of the game.
  • Finally managed to build a slope long enough to join the sand and the sea.


  • Set up another dev blog for Second Garden. Yes, I know, I’m crazy.


  • More web design tweaks.
  • Went to bed early.


  • Designed three more sand tiles. YES, SAND TILES. THREE OF THEM.


  • A bit more web design.
  • Struggled with feed syndication for an automated development log to gather all my projects.


  • Built an underground farm tree in Minecraft.


  • More sand tiles. Possibly the last of them, at least for now.
  • Finally completed a first test map of a small island with a house.
  • Howled at the uncaring dark skies in despair, knowing I’d need to make more islands and connect them with bridges.