Weekly development log #170423



  • Wrote a few dialogue lines for the next scene.
  • Set up the first floor of the Cxohà Domà, which is currently without any furniture or decoration.
  • Defined each first floor room’s function (or mostly, rooms which will be used in the first part of the game).


  • Decided to actually maintain and update a weekly dev log. You’re reading it now!
  • Cleaned up some navigation paths on the first floor. Some, like owls, weren’t what they seemed.
  • Scripted for opening and closing curtains on the first floor.
  • Fixed treacherous stairs.


  • Had to repress a sudden urge to start working on a new cooperative strategy game.
  • Thought about Suùnian bedroom furniture and hypothetical carpets.
  • Wondered if tribal doom hardstyle was a good idea for Nékromegà’s soundtrack.
  • Felt an usual brief moment of rage and despair regarding the upcoming French presidential elections and mankind’s general stupidity.
  • Discovered the whole first floor was in fact a terrible mess of old invisible corrupt navigation paths and fixed it.
  • Noticed the curtains script had mysteriously vanished, then remembered it wasn’t working anyway, and made a new script that didn’t work either.


  • Discovered the curtains fiasco was due to a misplaced plural in the variables.
  • Open and closed the now working upstairs curtains with awe.
  • Designed a Suùnian bed.
  • Started to set up bedrooms.


  • Thought again about that cooperative strategy game.
  • Designed a small Suùnian table.
  • Added furniture in all upstairs rooms for the first part of the game.


  • Started to script the doors of the first floor, since no rooms were accessible.
  • Scripted the relocation of some characters depending on the story’s progress.


  • More door scripting.
  • Some stuff involving the cat.