Weekly development log #170528



  • Increased the player’s speed by 33%.
  • Fixed some camera glitch.


  • Used some brand new script functions (props to Justin Arnold) to hide or show the inventory icon when needed.
  • Fixed a couple of issues where the player kept walking after a dialogue thanks to another brand new function.
  • Started to work on the second big map.


  • More tiles placed on the new map.
  • Despaired at the potentially insane complexity of said new map.


  • Real life obligations.


  • Real life obligations, part 2.
  • Also, beach, sun, that sort of things. For real.


  • Real life obligations, part 3.
  • Managed to create a few curved sand tiles for the new map.


  • Pulled some hair out due to the indeed very complicated set of tiles required to build the new map as intended.
  • Boldly started to create many more tiles.