Weekly development log #170507



  • Real life obligations.


  • Finally received my Fidget Cube.
  • Fidgeted a lot.
  • Tried to fix some transition scripting issue but fell asleep before fixing it.


  • While doing something totally unrelated to game development, suddenly thought of an obvious solution to the transition issue.
  • Fixed a weirdly unnoticed dialogue issue in The Egg, thanks to Justin Arnold and SpagelSteve.
  • Fixed the transition issue, except the solution wasn’t the one I thought about earlier.
  • Finally managed to link the downstairs and upstairs sequences properly.
  • Wrote more dialogues.


  • Finally finished to write A Road to Awe‘s fourth travelogue issue.
  • Wrote more dialogues.


  • Some dialogue integration.
  • Cleaned and updated some files for versioning.
  • Played a lot of Tyranny, which I find rather awesome by the way.


  • Plenty of dialogue integration.


  • More dialogue written and more dialogue integrated.
  • Overall satisfaction feeling due to getting closer to the completion of the first part of the game.